Don’t just fundraise! Build a vibrant community of people supporting your cause

  • Building A Community

    Within minutes you will be able to build a fundraising community for your cause. Not only will you raise money for your charity, you will be able to recognize and reward people who are supporting your initiative.

  • Building Better Events

    Increase your community’s fundraising participation in your next gala, marathon, golf tournament, run, walk, cycle, or other events.

  • Building Your Legacy

    Part of building your story, we will Show the world your charitable and social impact. We will record your lifetime fundraising activity on our platform.

  • Building Trust

    We prove every project. Every project you and your friends support provides GPS, actual photos and real-time updates from the charity. So your supporters will see the impact of their donation.

  • Building Relationships

    Fundraise as a corporate team or a group of friends. Contact your HR department about this invaluable opportunity to enhance office morale and boost the company’s brand.

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