Showcase The Side Of You Others Often Don't See!

We help you track the impact of your actions, such as:

  • Raising Money

    Not only will we help you raise money for your cause and build a community around it, we will also showcase the impact your fundraiser has created! No other platform does that.

  • Volunteering

    We want to reward and recognize your volunteering work hours and highlight your impactful actions. Did you know that North Americans volunteered almost 10 billion hours last year?

  • Donations

    Let us show the world through maps, actual stories and pictures the impact your donations have had on the communities and people you have helped. Our technology creates a visible record of how your money is spent.

  • Petitions

    Make known the social and political changes initiated by those petitions signed or started by you. Yes, signing those petitions can make a big difference — even if the change is not immediately visible, your efforts are!

  • Supporting Sustainability

    What you buy, what you consume, and how you travel are decisions that affect our planet and communities. We will recognize and reward responsible citizenship.

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