To Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa:

Over 20 Million People In South Africa Need Your Help!

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Water scarcity, poor water quality and inadequate sanitation negatively impact food security, livelihood choices and educational opportunities for poor families across the world. At the present time 53 Million people in South Africa facing poor water conditions! The department of water affairs needs funding of R300-billion funding gap ($2.3 Billion USD) to address the national water issues South Africa has.

Clean, accessible water for all is an essential part of the world we want to live in. There is sufficient fresh water on the planet to achieve this. But due to bad economics or poor infrastructure, every year millions of people, most of them children, die from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene.

To Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa:

As citizens of the world, we believe all should have reliable access to clean water. We urge you to produce and fund a better water and sanitation infrastructure by investing more resources into fixing the dysfunctional and unreliable water & sanitation systems in South Africa.

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