To Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa & Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe:

Put A Stop To Hunting Safaris And The Killing Of Endangered Species!

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Every 15 minutes, an elephant is slaughtered for its tusks. That amounts to 35,000 a year across Africa alone. In the 1900s there were over 100,000 wild tigers estimated to be around the globe, and today maybe only 3,500 tigers are left in the wild.

Hunting safaris in South Africa and Zimbabwe have become a popular sport or recreation for families and fellow hunters. This has become an international issue, as endangered species are becoming the most popular “trophy.”

The safari services promise hunters a unique and “unforgettable” experience, appealing to the customer as a bond and a way to help conservation. An example of a mission statement of one safari reads, “respectfully coexist side by side” and “that ethical hunting on a fair chase basis will be practised side by side to the multiplication and caring of African Wildlife.” Not only is that statement ironic and hypocritical, but it makes no sense. What if animals thought that respectfully coexisting side by side with humans meant to recreationally hunt us?

To Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa & Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe:

While hunting may have played an important role for human survival in prehistoric times, the vast majority of modern privileged hunters still kill animals just for sport and entertainment. Hunters cause unnecessary injuries, pain and suffering to animals who cannot defend themselves from bullets, traps and other cruel killing devices. Hunting destroys animal families and leaves terrified and dependent baby animals behind to starve to death, just because somebody needed to kill its mom for $40,000 US, to call her a trophy.

We must ban the killing of these animals, and get rid of these hunting safari agencies that gain income off of the cruel killings of endangered species. State wildlife agencies are using hunting licenses as a source of income, and claim that income coming in will be put back into conserving their local wildlife, but how on earth is killing animals conserving and sustaining the future of a species!

Hunting is no “sport” nor is it a “fair chase.” With hunting rifles, shotguns, handguns or a bow and arrow, how does an animal have an equal advantage to fight?

So please, we are asking you to ban the hunting of these animals. Do not allow this sport to be legal, or allow these safari companies to take advantage of these animals. You have the impact to change the future of our wildlife. Make hunting illegal, and save the lives of another 35,000 elephants that deserve to live another year!

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