To The Government Of Cameroon, And President Paul Biya:

Stop Wall Street Billionaires From Ruining The Cameroon Rain Forest!

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New York-based investors are eyeing Cameroon’s rainforests for industrial-scale oil palm plantations. U.S. diplomats have strong-armed the Cameroonian government into pushing the project through against the will of the local people, who are fighting to keep the bulldozers at bay.

U.S. investors want to establish 73,000 hectares of industrial oil palm plantations in southwestern Cameroon in a rainforest surrounded by four protected areas.

In 2009, New York-based Herakles Farms LLC, represented by its subsidiary SG Sustainable Oils Cameroon Ltd. (SGSOC), signed a 99-year lease agreement with the government of Cameroon – without bothering to inform the people living in the affected area.

We now have the chance to defeat the palm oil project and save tens of thousands of hectares of forest once and for all, let your voice be heard!

To The Government Of Cameroon, And President Paul Biya:

Dear President Biya, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are deeply concerned about the Herakles Farms–SGSOC oil palm plantation project in the rainforests of southwestern Cameroon. Please scrap the project once and for all by not renewing the company’s probationary land lease.

Please protect your country’s unique natural treasure and return the leased land to the local population.

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