To The Ontario Liberal Party:

Support The Resignation Of Kathleen Wynne!

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Kathleen Wynne has been the Premier of Ontario since 2013. To this day, she has endured multiple scandals and has received plenty of backlash for her movement on sex education and her decision to add a new carbon tax starting in January 2017.

Kathleen decided to sell 30% of the Hydro One company to private owners. These private owners are free to rack up prices and sell up to 60% of the government’s total shares.

Ontario families and businesses already pay some of the highest electricity rates in all of North America. Now, Ontarians will pay HST on Kathleen’s new carbon tax starting in January. Many people are describing this tax as a “tax on a tax.” It is clear that this is a 2-billion revenue grab for the government of Ontario, seeing as this is the first time a province in Canada will reach 300 billion dollars of debt.

To The Ontario Liberal Party:

Everytime we now fill up our cars with gas, pay our heating bills, or buy our groceries, we will have to pay more than ever before! People are beginning to slowly move out of the middle class to being more poverty stricken. People will be digging into their savings to help pay their bills, eventually having to close down their businesses. This is all because Kathleen's policies suggest that serving society's most well-off should be the sole role of the government.

This tax is nothing more than another tax grab. This money is just going into Ontario to be spent foolishly and to pay off debt created by other failed policies like Wynne’s hydro debacle.

The first step to salvage Ontario is for Wynne to step down! This woman is not fit for office and yet there she remains! If we have the power to hire her, we also have the power to fire her.

Let’s get Ontario’s debt under control and balance the budget. Let's aim for an economy that keeps growing, creating and attracting good jobs. Kathleen Wynne must go!

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