To The Canadian Government:

Stop Smart TV’s From Spying On Consumers!

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Vizio is the most recent Smart T.V. company to get caught spying and tracking the activity of their users. The company has been secretly collecting and selling data regarding people's locations, demographics and viewing habits.

Though location and viewing habits may not phase you, how about the fact that each television has a built-in spy device which uses image-recognition technology to determine the demographics of a viewer? In short, there is a hidden camera in the television and they are watching your every move. This invasion of privacy must be further addressed!

This is not the first television company to be accused of spying on its viewers. Both LG and Samsung have been accused of recording data, though users denied consent for this to happen. Vizio agreed to pay 2.2 million to settle this case with the Federal Trade Commission, probably using the profits made through selling illegal data. This punishment is not enough to stop companies from doing this again!

To The Canadian Government:

We put trust into the companies that we choose to purchase from, and a television is not the cheapest purchase. To take advantage of users and not only watch them through a camera in the comfort of their own home, but to create data by doing this just to maintain profits, is despicable. Determining my sex, age and income just to sell to companies that do targeted advertising is against the law, and is in no way consensual.

All of these Smart T.V. companies must be charged for invading the privacy of its users! Along with charging these companies, rules and laws must be put into place to ensure the consent of collecting this data. These companies must delete all data collected thus far and start from scratch, legally. Companies must explain their data collection processes up front to their users, and must allow them the ability to opt in and opt out of it at any time.

A company’s number one priority should be providing the best service to their customers, to ensure they keep coming back. It is time for smart television companies to focus on their main priority, the trust they share with their customers.

Let’s ensure that these television companies receive punishment, and learn to respect our privacy!

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