To The Hon Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia:

Help Put An End To Australia’s Environmental Policies That Are Killing Our Planet!

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Australia has failed to commit adequate resources and effort towards environmental protection. These policies have caused significant damage not only on Australia but on our planet! Here are some facts about Australia’s poor environmental report:

  • Only 11% of the total land area of Australia is protected, which leaves a lot left for unbridled usage.
  • Country ranks 7th worst in habitat conversion.
  • It also ranks 9th for fertiliser use, and 10th for natural forest loss.
  • An international ranking of government actions on climate change has put Australia 5th last out of 58 countries.
  • Australia's carbon pollution rise is one of the worst in the world!
  • Australia is world's worst per capita greenhouse gas polluter
To The Hon Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia:

While the Paris Agreement remains unbinding and global warming has received minimal attention in the recent elections, governments worldwide are presiding over a large-scale demise of the planetary ecosystems, which threatens to leave large parts of Earth uninhabitable.

We call on your government to tackle the root causes of an unfolding climate tragedy and do what is required to protect future generations and nature, including meaningful reductions of Australia’s peak carbon emissions and coal exports, introductions of environmental friendly policies, close coal-fired power plants and replace them with renewable power while there is still time.

This petition is in support of an open letter to your office written by 154 brave scientists!

Time to act is now!

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