To Justin Trudeau, and Members of Parliament:

Tell Trudeau To Stop Destroying Small Businesses!

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Small-business owners are nothing but tax cheats; they are rich people abusing the system to avoid paying their fair share.

That's what our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and MP Bill Morneau want you to believe.

The Liberal's latest tax plan increases taxes for business owners, but is being framed as a simple attempt to close tax loopholes for the wealthy 1%.

Small-businesses employ over 70% of our workforce, they are run by young entrepreneurs, farmers, mom-and-pop stores, and even your family doctor. These businesses deserve to be respected by their government as they are crucial to our economic well-being.

Trudeau thinks small businesses are just vehicles used by wealthy Canadians to avoid taxation, but that notion is wrong and insulting to Canadians who have worked hard to build up their own small-businesses. If the Liberals claim to want a "fair" tax plan, how can they compare the hard work of small-business owners with the health benefits, retirement plan, paid vacations, and job security provided to full-time employees.

It's time to send Ottawa a message!

To Justin Trudeau, and Members of Parliament:

It's time to let Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau know what we think about their proposed tax plan. So far Trudeau has increased personal income tax, cancelled the promised local business tax-rate reduction, and rolled out a nationalized carbon tax to further squeeze the margins of numerous businesses.

The tax increases will continue if you don't make your voice heard!

Every signature we receive on this petition will be personally mailed to parliament, explaining exactly what we think about this assault on the middle class.

You must make your voice heard by signing! if we don't stand up to Trudeau's government how many "fair" tax changes can we expect from the Liberals in the future?

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