To President Joko Widodo And The Government Of Indonesia:

Stop The Illegal Indonesian Bird Trade!

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Endangered birds are being traded in Indonesia. The hunt for rare birds is speeding biodiversity loss. We must put an end to this cruelty!

It’s a scene out of a nightmare – thousands of birds are packed tightly into small cages in Indonesia’s markets. Trappers supplying these markets are driving thirteen species to the brink of extinction and are having an incalculable impact on biodiversity. Thousands of wild birds—ranging from tiny brown finches and brilliant rainbow lorikeets to small-bodied, large-eyed owls—are sold as pets to local collectors. All these birds are trapped illegally.

Tell the Indonesian government to ban this disgusting practice now!

To President Joko Widodo And The Government Of Indonesia:

Dear Mr. President,

Live birds are held in appalling conditions and traded on Indonesian bird markets. Among them, endangered species are not uncommon. Ornithologists fear that the trade is accelerating the extinction of numerous species. All these birds are trapped illegally.

The offerings at the Jatinegara bird market in Jakarta include chattering lories – forest-dwelling parrots found only in North Maluku whose population has plummeted by as much as 50 percent in the last past 25 years.

Considering the vital role birds play in seed dispersal in forests, the knock-on effects of the wild-bird trade are causing incalculable damage to Indonesia’s environment.

Please ban the wild-bird trade and free the birds before it is too late!

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