The 1,000 Brick Fund was created to support the 1,000 Bricks Campaign being run by i am action.

Every two minutes a mother loses a newborn baby from infection caused by lack of water and an unclean environment. Your purchase of a brick will help prevent this senseless loss of life for those families affected in Tanzania.

Hundreds of thousands of Haitian children and their families are impoverished and without the most basic necessities. Your purchase of a brick will help rebuild their homes, communities and futures following the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew.

The 1,000 bricks campaign aims to transform the communities and lives of 219,000+ people through the power of crowdfunding. All contributions to the fund will go directly to the campaign, which will support rebuilding the lives of over 219,000+ individuals in the affected communities through the following initiatives:

  • 200 latrines will be installed in family homes that lack these facilities to help with the need for proper sanitation.

  • 4 artesian wells will be dug (1 per community) and its water will benefit communities as a whole.

  • Clean water and proper sanitation systems will be given to 7 health clinics in Tanzania.

  • 100 homes for homeless and suffering families will be built in Haiti.

You can support this campaign directly by making a contribution to this fund directly, or if you'd like to support us by buying a $1,000 brick, you can do so by visiting