Right To Play is a global organization that attempts to teach children in need with educational games. It was founded in 2000 by Olympic gold medalist Johann Olav Koss, Right To Play's programs are facilitated by more than 14,900 local volunteer coaches and more than 620 international staff.

Working in both the humanitarian and development context, Right To Play builds local capacity by training community leaders as coaches to deliver its programs in 21 countries affected by war, poverty, and disease in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. Through the power of play, they are helping one million children, recognize their potential and realize their dreams. RTP programs focus on measurably impacting the three most critical areas of child development: the quality of their education, their ability to stay healthy and their potential to help build peaceful communities.

The foundation for RTP approach is simple : create safe environments for children, where they can focus on their social, emotional and physical growth. Guided by RTP principles on inclusion, child protection and gender equality, they provide kids and their communities with the knowledge and skills they need to create sustainable and beneficial change.